Best Rated Furniture Moving Company in Southlake TX

Rescue Moving Company in Southlake is one of the best furniture moving company in town. We provide full moving services for your residential & commercial moving needs in the Southlake areas. We’re fully licensed and insured for your furniture protection and we also offer packing materials and full packing services. Our moving company has the best reviews and ratings for any local or long distance movers here in Southlake TX.

Best Furniture Movers

Training full time professional movers ready to make your move less stress than other moving companies. We wrap furniture using shrink wrap and padding for protection during the move and also we bring the right equipment.

Furniture Moving Services

We move all type of heavy furniture including, sofas, tv’s, beds, appliances, antique furniture, pianos and more. Remember to choose Rescue Moving Services for your professional moving needs and Southlake.

Free In-Home Estimates

We provide protection for your floors and free moving estimate. We always on time and well uniform and good representation during your move. If you’re looking a reliable moving company book your moving reservation today and we’ll come to the rescue.

Affordable Moving Company

Our licensed and bonded movers work with both residential and corporate clients to provide everything from basic furniture and equipment shipping to full relocation services that include packing, furniture assembly, and service connections at the new location.


Moving can be a drag, but the worst part is probably having to pack everything up, only to unpack it later. It can be fun to decide where all your things will go in your new space, but to actually unpack them can be a laborious, frustrating process. Luckily, there’s a solution! Rescue Moving Services’s packing and unpacking services have been allowing Southlake residents to save time and effort for years, so if you’re planning a move why not take advantage of our services?


Few things are as exciting as finding your dream home or an office that suits the needs of your expanding enterprise. However, when the realization that you’ll need to physically move all of your belongings sinks in, that excitement can quickly fade. Relocating can be stressful, especially if you have fragile or timeless pieces. Whether handling a move yourself or relying on an outside company to do the dirty work, there are certain things that need to be left to the experts.


An essential part of any move is accumulating all of the necessary supplies. From boxes to packing peanuts, there are many things you need to guarantee your possessions arrive at their destination in one piece. For all of your packing needs, Rescue Moving Services is here for you. We stock a wide range of packing supplies, and are Southlake’s one stop shop for everything required for your move.

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