Best Piano Movers Frisco TX

Rescue Movers in Frisco is your best local piano moving company for all type of pianos. We provide professional movers to move your piano safely from one location to another location, no matter if there are stairs. Whether you have an upright piano or concert grand piano, moving a piano is a delicate task. We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to move any size piano.  Rescue Movers has been moving pianos, organs and baby grand pianos for years. We have experience moving upright pianos, baby grand piano and spinet pianos so call us today for you free moving quote at 972-249-8233 and we’ll come to the Rescue.

 Frisco Piano Moving Company Call 972-249-8233

We service all of the Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, McKinney, Cross Roads, Savanna and  surrounding areas. Our years of dedication to customer satisfaction have kept us at the top of the list of piano movers. Best piano moving company in Frisco,TX.  Our customer service excellence policy promises professionalism, courteous technicians, flexible scheduling and competitive pricing.  Call Rescue Movers today for a free estimate on your move.
Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with having your piano taken care of by trained professionals!
  • Upstairs Specialists
  • 7′- 9′ Pianos Ok
  • Quality Service
  • Friendly Movers
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Specialty Moves
  • 7 Days a Week

Frisco Piano Moving Services

If you’re looking for the best piano moving services in the Frisco areas call us to get your moving quote for your piano today at 972-249-8233. We’re fully insured and bonded for your piano protection, our movers are professional full time employees so you can trust our moving company for your local move,

Piano Moving Pricing

Upright piano (highback) $508.00

(ground floor to ground floor)

Baby Grand Piano $657.00

(ground floor to ground floor)

Upright piano (lowback) $396.00

(ground floor to ground floor)

For 2nd floor or 3rd floor We can discuss the price!