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Rescue Moving Service will assure that your furniture will secure ad protected during the move from point a to point b.  We’re your best local mover in Frisco,TX providing professional moving services for your apartment, house or office.  We move heavy furniture, antiques, gun safes,appliances in Frisco,TX.

Frisco Reliable Moving Company

We’re your best reliable moving company in Frisco,TX with 5.0 star rating. So if you’re looking for foe reliable movers and professional moving company then Rescue Moving Services is your best bet. We are a licensed and insured moving company in Frisco moving families house hold goods for many years. We have experience moving heavy furniture for residential, apartments and office moves in the Frisco areas, also we provide shrink wrap and padding for furniture we move. Rescue Moving Services provide cheap quotes and reasonable rates for small or large moves as well long distance moves.

Pro Furniture Movers

Your furniture will be wrap and protected before the movers moved them to the truck.

Loading & Unloading Moving Trucks

If you need moving help loading or unloading your own moving truck we’re to help.


We move treadmills, heavy equipment, gun safes, piano or any heavy furniture.

Storage Movers

If you’re planing storage your belongings from your home into a storage unit, we’re to help.

Packing & Moving Services

We provide full packing and moving services for your house hold goods.

Licensed & Insured

We’re a licensed and insured moving company for your protection.

Professional Movers

Get the best movers in Frisco,TX.

Full Time & Trained Professionals

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